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No question about it: the internet is all about marketing these days and making hi-tech use of human resources. It’s about outsourcing and taking advantage of offshore personnel.

It’s also about more extreme competition. As more businesses learn to use the net to maximize these resources, and as the net itself continues to grow and become more complex, it becomes even more crucial to learn how to use the net to grow your

 Consider what some of the new tools already are:

  • Websites for every product and service,
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Facebook and other social media,
  • A complex web of linkage from site to site,
  • Direct e-mails,
  • Pay-per-click advertising,
  • Google maps and yellow pages,
  • GPS ads …

The possibilities are not only daunting, they keep changing.

Face it. You’re not an IT expert. You haven’t got the resources to take advantage of these tools. You’re busy growing your own business, developing products and services, and keeping close tabs on your profit-loss statements.


Being an IT expert is not your job.

It’s ours.

The web has made the world smaller and also more efficient. It has become the means to communicate faster to an astronomical number of people as customers. It has also become the means to take advantage of an equally astronomic number of experts and workers. Why struggle to learn sophisticated IT skills when there are experts out there who can do it for you? Why hire somebody full-time when you only need their skills part-time? Why go to the local supplier down the street when you can get a better product or service half-way around the world?


Businesses have been taking advantage of all that international outsourcing has to offer.

We apply all those benefits to internet marketing.


See what we have to offer.